Top five Commercial Vehicles to buy in Future

commercial vehicles

The experts estimated the cost of maintenance of light commercial vehicles, which are considered not to require such frequent repairs as gazelles.
The commercial transport market began to develop actively, in small business it is necessary to do without reliable and economic assistance. Some businessmen are engaged in the transportation of cargoes, others render services on transportation of people. Each businessman needs a car with a certain set of parameters. It is important that the load capacity is combined with efficiency, the useful volume is not affected by maneuverability, and riding was comfortable for both the driver and passengers. Both domestic and foreign commercial vehicles are widely represented on the Russian market. It is possible to make the right choice only at the careful analysis of all qualities.

Starting your small business, many face the need to buy new cars that will help make money, and will not empty pockets of constant service. Design, engine power, and prestige are on the second plan, and at first come out practicality, economy, and reliability.

Suzuki Ravi:

Suzuki Ravi is an 800cc commercial vehicle you can buy at the not very high price. It does offer a smooth experience for a normal price and efficient performance. It can enable you to run fast without asking you to play with staggering. This is not very large in size, being a compact-sized vehicle, you can prefer it over large sized pickups and trucks. It can be proved useful for reaching to way you want. And it is not an even heavyweight truck.
This vehicle does offer 600 KF load, so it can meet demands of many professionals. It does have impressive suspension settings, you can stay smooth with drum brakes on both sides about safety. You can consider it a compact pickup for safe riding.

Hyundai Shahzore:

Commercial Vehicle Hyundai Shehzore appeared many years ago, it appeared in 2004. The company has optimized it, especially for Pakistani market. Assembly of the vehicle is conducted at the factory in the country. The car is produced in the bodies of 2-door and 4-door board. The length of Hyundai Shehzore in the body of the 2-door board is 4795 millimeters, width-1740 millimeters, height-1965 millimeters. Load capacity equals 1254 kilograms. If you want to buy a minibus, you should pay attention to Hyundai TQ.

The confident character of the car is emphasized by “muscular” wheel arches. Rear-view side mirrors and door handles are painted in dark color. The original design of the side mirrors makes the exterior more modern. The salon cannot boast of the high level of comfort and expensive materials of furnish. The machine is equipped with electric lifters, air conditioning, and illumination of the ignition lock and adjustment of the driver’s seat. Under the hood of the most powerful modification of Hyundai Shehzore is located diesel 126-a strong motor with a capacity of 2.5 liters, working with a 5-speed manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive. The maximum speed is 150 kilometers per hour. In the city of cars consumes 13.0 liters and on the highway-9.0 liters.

Technical characteristics of Hyundai Shehzore less charged modification: 2.6-liter 79-strong diesel unit, 5-speed “mechanics” and rear-wheel drive. The maximum speed is 126 kilometers per hour. And the next model of vehicle is expected to offer a lot more, better than what we talked.

Toyota Hilux:

The very popular mid-commercial vehicle, Toyota Hilux. It is rear drive pickup mid category and one of the popular “products” of the Japanese automaker on the “World Arena”, which is available in several “hypostases”: with the two-or driving cab. This is a truly multi-functional new Toyota cars, which is able to satisfy the requirements and tastes of almost any person. It can equally successfully play the role of “hard”, or the ideal companion for outdoor activities and travel, its serial “Career” (as a “compact truck”) pick up “Hilux” began in the distant 1968 and since then survived a lot of “reincarnations”. In 2004, after another change of generations, the car tremendously and moved to the “mid-class”. At present, this pickup dilates around the world “like hot Cakes” – its annual circulation exceeds half a million copies.

Kia Frontier:

You might go wrong, the vehicle salon, the front part of it, is not similar to Japanese vans, it is more amenities. You can get happy with the presence of cells above the visors of the Sun, there are signed a policy of CTP and many other pieces of paper, the presence of a cell under the glasses also surprised. Quite competently designed lighting salon. The electric package also pleased, it both central lock, and power windows (it is a pity that only on the front windows, on the following models already all windows on the button). Its Adjustable steering column and comfortable enough seats allow not to be much tired from a long road.

The car comes with six passenger seats, in front if one seat is folded. The engine works stably and confidently. It can run smoothly, does not shake, there is a smooth, feeling as if you are in the cabin old Jeep, who knows, he will understand.

Hyundai H100:

Hyundai H-100 is a multifunctional car, most often a minibus or a cargo van, which was produced by “Hyundai” Company from 1987 to 2004. Due to a large number of offered complete sets and modifications, the H-100 has been used in different spheres all over the world. The model was also produced for the Asian market under the name Hyundai Grace (Grace-English translation). In addition, the variation of the truck is available to this day. Its name is Hyundai H-100 Porter (or simply “Hyundai Porter”).

Hyundai H-100 appeared with diesel power units with a capacity of 80 horsepower of 2.5 liters. The model is equipped with a 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual gearbox. Among the tech specs, related to commercial cars, it can be noted that these indicators are worthy. In a mixed cycle, the car consumes 10.2 liters of fuel for 100 kilometers.