Collective Health Insurance: The Benefits for Employers or Businesses

Many businesses or big size companies offer collective health insurance for their employees. It is not only employees who get benefit from the insurance, but also as a company you can benefit greatly from good, tailor-made collective health insurance with care-related agreements. We have listed some of the advantages of this here for you.

Save on costs

Employees who are sick, suffer from burnout complaints or are unable to perform their duties for a longer period of time due to an industrial accident. Every employer has to deal with it. Annoying, because you pay for the absence costs. And that can amount to hundreds of dollars per day. By ensuring that all employees are properly insured for the right care, you can be sure that they receive the care they need to return to the workplace as quickly as possible, so that the costs for you as an employer are limited.

Care related to the work

You can get even more out of the collective health insurance if you have it specifically tailored to your own company. Yes, you can go through customization in the additional coverage. Perhaps there are care complaints that occur faster with your employees than with others. This includes back complaints at a moving company, RSI in the call center or burnout complaints at a stressful office job.

By adapting care to this, a reimbursement for physiotherapy or free coaching for employees in sectors where the percentage of burn-out complaints is above average might be helpful. You can be sure that your employees will receive the correct care when necessary. You can also make agreements about the accessibility of healthcare insurance for seniors. In this way you can encourage your employees to seek help before it is too late.

You can agree with the insurer which care should be reimbursed for your employees. By making the package and the information about it as suitable as possible, you ensure that employees fall out less quickly. If this does happen, appropriate care will ensure that they return to the workplace faster.

You can be ahead of it

With most insurance companies it is also possible to make agreements about prevention. This allows you to minimize the risk of being absent and long-term illness. This includes help with stopping smoking and / or losing weight or working on a better posture during work.

Do your employees work in a stressful environment? Also consider preventive care when preventing a burnout. After all, this is number 1 occupational disease. By making good agreements with the insurer you work towards the sustainable employ-ability of your employees.

As an employer, you can do everything to minimize sickness and absence within your company. Certainly if you coordinate the collective health insurance with appropriate absence insurance and make good agreements about the reintegration process. With an absence insurance you are insured for the wage payment obligation of your sick employees.

Set the right example

Employees benefit from a collective health insurance policy: they not only receive a discount on their monthly premium, but also benefit from care that is adapted to their situation. Even when collective health insurance is not the cheapest, interesting additional coverage and free access to preventive care can persuade employees. Offering a collective customized health insurance policy is therefore a good secondary employment condition.